Do you dream of living a life where things just keep getting better, better, better and better? Where life just feels like it keeps getting easier and more fun?!

Have you been people pleasing your life away, where you feel like you sometimes or all the time have absolutely nothing left to give to yourself?

Are you worried that your constant fear based thoughts that run rampage in your mind will actually come true?!

Do you feel like sometimes you can be a total control freak? Do you feel the constant clawing need to juggle everything in the air before it all falls and crashes down hard around you and in your life?!

Does the idea of letting go and being the happiest girl you know excite you?

Does the idea of living a life where you undoubtedly know that you are completely being guided by the Universe or a higher power excite you?

Does the idea of showing up in the world as the brightest, boldest, and loudest version of you make you feel giddy?

Are you finally ready to plug all of the holes in your life where you are leaking and giving away your own precious energy?


Then this workshop is for you.

Sound crazy?  5 years ago, I would have called myself crazy for even thinking about the idea of living on a planet called BLISS.  The old me would have said, " But what about everyone else? What about all of the problems I'm facing? What about....bla, bla, bla. "  Ladies....I was the ultimate people pleaser, worry wart, and anxiety FREAK.  The Universe stopped me in my tracks one day when I took one good look around an saw that I people pleased

I was broke spiritually and financially, sick, alone, surrounded by toxic people, and felt like SHIT ON THE END OF A STICK. Can You relate?!


If you've been looking for a sign....this is it. This is your chance to turn it all around. This is your chance to take one tiny step that will change everything for you, if you commit to living your own real-life fucking fairy tale.

I created the Blissful + Aligned AF workshop for YOU. I am pouring my entire and whole heart into this workshop, because if I had this workshop a few years life would have been radically different.  I know That I have been guided down this spiritual journey to learn everything I needed to learn about living a Blissful + Aligned as fuck life, and I'm ready to spill the beans. 

Imagine a life where NO one can fuck with your energy, and NO one can fuck with your happy. Imagine a world where you live on planet BLISS. 

choosing this lifestyle

of bliss and alignment changed everything for me.

I have been guided to so many unbelievable miracles and am truly living my own real-life fucking fairy tale.  After putting these steps into place, and once I made the decision that my happiness was way more important than
• any other person's opinion about me, 
• carrying a heavy load of stress and anxiety with me where where I went. and...
• people pleasing my life away.

That's when all of my prayers were answered, guidance flew in, my soul sisters arrived, abundance slid right in, and all of my positive and loving relationships healed.  Including the most important relationship of all. The one with me. I am the one I've been looking for my whole life.  You are the one you've been looking for your whole life. 

You are the one you've been looking for your whole life. 

Because of this lifestyle change,



your real life fucking fairytale

Blissful + Aligned AF

"I am now experiencing manifestations at an unrealistic pace...."

and I am now living my real-like fucking fairy tale. The best part about this whole process is that this journey was so much easier than I ever thought it was going to be. 

What I learned through this whole process is that I could find total bliss and alignment by simply going through the Starbucks drive thru.  If I could find that kind or joy and happiness by getting my dog a puppy-chino at Starbucks, then life was about to get really good.  I feel like it's my entire responsibility to tell the entire world about this simple process! 

I'm here to show modern girls that this is so easy.

"I thought I was going to have to to sit on the top of a mountain for 40 days and 40 nights."

"I'm a modern girl, with a busy life.  I don't have time to fast for 40 days.  I want alignment fast.  I have too much shit to do and too many great goals to hit.  I want bliss now. "

I have a husband, a dog, a career, friends, family and goals.  I have a full life.  I need something fast, easy and actually attainable.

You couldn't pay me a million dollars to go back to living life the old way. NO EFFING WAY.

And Yes, I'm still Human. 

I still have moments of fear, doubt and anxiety...but I know now how to work through these emotions. 

I know how to come back home to peace, love, and to the place where I allow my own gorgeous light to shine bright. 

I own my feelings....they no longer own me.

That's what I am here to teach you. 

To be clear, I make this process simple. 
I am unavailable for complicated.

In Blissful + Aligned AF, I share exactly what I did to say Bye' Bye' to my old life filled with stress, control, and fear.   

If you want to learn how to welcome in a new life filled with so much fucking bliss...

Then I am thrilled to take you through that process.

I'm here to show you how.

the details

7 Live weekly trainings + a few bonus high vibe masterclasses!

two Live q&a sessions to ask me anything about raising your vibes!!!

A weekly meditation, weekly blissful affirmations, and strategic homework to integrate your new high vibe lifestyle!

Lifetime access to blissful + aligned af - Peer to Peer Support virtual Facebook community where you can support each other and tag Team me as needed for questions, guidance, teaching, and inspiration.

What you get!

A high vibe gorgeous workbook to complete each week!



In the pre-work you will be prepping your mind for lots of beautiful internal work. Your outer world is about to shift as your internal world shifts.  I want to prep you for this gorgeous and uplifting experience.  This week will also be filled with a few other practices that will get you started off on a clean and gorgeous slate. 

week one:

How to create the most perfect magical morning ritual and why this will ultimately change your life.  How to pray like a modern girl.  Learn that YES, YOU CAN MEDITATE!  Learn about movement in your body and a handful of other practices that are going to set you up for success. Oh, and wait till you create your perfect Zen Den! It's going to be magic!

week two:

How to turn your fear into faith. I'm going to walk you through my exact process for turning your old negative beliefs into thoughts of positivity, love, and light.  You're going to learn how your fear based thoughts will reveal themselves into your reality if you don't turn it around with love. I'm going to set you up with so much confidence to slay your fears and to be the boss ass bitch you really were born to be! 

week three:

In this week you were going to learn how and where you are leaking your energy and giving away your precious energy.  You have no idea how many small things in your world that are unknowingly leaking out your happy.  I used to leak my energy everywhere, on everyone, while doing everything.  I was left with nothing most days.  This will change so much for you!

week four:

Chilling the fuck out.  Just chill the fuck out girlfriend.  The Universe is totally guiding your every step.  In this week I’m going to be teaching you about angels signs, letting go of being a control freak, and you will learn how to be totally zend out. You’re going to learn to lean on the faith of the Universe and watch divine guidance show up and take you to places you’ve never even dreamt of. 

week five:

Are you a validation junkie?  You’re going to learn how to reach and ONLY seek for Universal validation. You’re going to learn how to be confident strutting to the sound of your own drum because you no longer need external validation from anyone.  No one will ever be able to fuck with your own energy again! You’ll never look to another person for an answer besides you and your gorgeous soul. 

week six:

Your real life fucking fairytale.  This week you’re going to be sitting through a gorgeous meditation and allowing your subconscious to reveal your truest and deepest desires of your heart.  You’re going to be mapping out your very own real-life fucking fairytale and create personalized affirmations to recite every morning to call this in.  This sisterhood is going to be an important part of leaning deeper into for support throughout your journey. There’s nothing better than leaning on the support of your gorgeous tribe and beautiful sisters. 

Hi Gorgeous!!!  I am seriously so excited for this workshop!  This workshop is like the last workshop I held inside of my Pittsburgh studio 'fearless leader'.....but on some serious botox....and it's 7 weeks long.   I opened a studio in Pittsburgh PA with the intentions of bringing women together and to teach them how to truly fall in love with themselves over and over again. I held a few live events until it was so evident to me.  I had to package my work in a way that would reach SO many more women.  I could only reach, teach, help heal, and love on as many women who were in Pittsburgh. 

I allowed myself to use my own process over and over again to get my own ass into Alignment, trust and lean on the faith of the Universe and know that where ever I was being taken was going to put me in front of thousands even millions of women.  I AM SO EXCITED to present this course because it's everything I wished I had! It's everything I wished that someone taught me when I was growing up as a woman in this crazy and wild world. 

I searched for bliss and alignment for years and years.  I've spent thousands and thousands of dollars working with coaches, attending live workshops and retreats to learn from so many different spiritual leaders. 

Through all of this....I've learned that there are SO many ways to teach this stuff.  But I was a special kind of girl...who relates and gets other girls just like me.  I connect best with other modern girls who live a busy and fast pace life.  We both love Chanel, Vogue and Sophora. We love working out the booty to plump and lift, and we both love a kick ass yoga class to center our crazy mind. 

That's the girl who I connect best with.  That's who this workshop was created for. That girl.


I get you girl.

Know and believe with your whole heart that this is everything a modern girl needs to feel blissful and Aligned AF. Know in your heart of hearts that I know exactly how you feel. I know what it's like to feel like NO ONE gets you. I do. 

We're in this together girl. I am so excited for you and the next 7 weeks of your life. Life will never be the same.

From my blissful heart to yours,
XO, Sasha

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How it works

This course is held completely online!

Each week there will be a live training inside of a private Facebook group.

You have completely unlimited replays. 

You will receive access to the private blissful and aligned AF peer to peer support a Facebook group upon enrolling. 

Receive access to the pre-work immediately upon enrollment.

Dates for following weekly classes will be listed inside of the private Facebook group.

You'll have all course content and future updates forever. 

Check your email upon enrolling!

4 weeks +
all of the sisters +
massive miracles  =
your real life fucking fairy tale

I challenge you to fully commit to these seven weeks of your .001 % of your life to showing up to these masterclasses, journaling your heart out using the prompts, listening to these meditations, connecting with your sisters, and going along this journey back home to the most gorgeous and happiest version of you. 
I love you with all my heart.


"What if I can’t show up to every live training?"

Don’t worry! The replay will be posted inside of the group! You will have lifetime access to this content forever!

"I'm super busy right now. What if I don’t have the time to take the course now?"

The new module will be delivered each week but it’s up to you when you want to start! Take the course completely at your own pace! i use this process monthly! Feel free to login daily if you would like to!

"I’ve never meditated before. Is it going to be hard?"

No way sister! All of this is super easy to implement! i break it down and make it fun!  just bring your gorgeous self and a notebook! That’s it!

"Are you offering a payment plan!?"

Heck yes! Payment plans are the best! You’ll find the payment plans below!

"What can I expect from this course?"

An easy step-by-step modern girl guide to living in bliss.  each step is laid out for you!  everything you need to start living and aligned AF lifestyle! a new supportive sisterhood who believes in you and everything you could ever ask for in a girl boss workshop like this!

More questions!?  Email:

Ready to finally live blissful and aligned AF?

Get started below!

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Refunds are not available for this digital course!

As a BAAF graduate you do have lifetime access to the course in all future updates.