Every woman wants to feel worthy, fully accepted, empowered, and inspired. Period. I don’t care where she lives in the world, or what she’s been through...deep down inside she wants to feel loved, and ever so good enough. Even better than good enough, MORE than enough. Through the two decades, I’ve spent empowering women through fashion, cosmetology, behind a camera, or even in 1:1 coaching...It always came down to the same thing.  

She wants to feel fully accepted and enough. The best and most powerful way I could ever help a woman show her how perfectly created she was and is; is through my artwork. Nothing else hits home like seeing her face light up when she sees her own gorgeous spirit painted on a canvas. There is no greater gift. There is no better way that I can serve in this world than creating these collage portraits. 

I'm a thriving magical artist creating sparkle collage portraits that inspire and empower bombshells to feel worthy and fully self-accepted.

It's taken me about 10 years of photographing ALOT of women to get to this perfect and divine place.  I realized that editing and creating magical art pieces was a talent of mine when at photoshoots, all I could think about was leaving the shoot and getting right to my computer to create my crystal masterpieces. I haven't looked back since. I look forward to creating artwork that represents and honors your message, vision, and showcases the gifts that you have to bring to the world!  Take a look at my portfolio below. This is NOT a portfolio of my photography, but of my collage artwork.  These photographs are not mine and I do not claim them to be my own. My photography services can be found elsewhere. 

I'm an award winning glamour and wedding photographer who could ONLY think about two things. Empowering Women + Photoshop. And so my magical collage portraits were born. 


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"I first discovered Sasha Danielle’s work via Instagram when she took her beautiful magic and added some sparkle to photos of some of my favorite inspirational goddesses. I knew immediately I needed one too. So I sent over an old favorite photo of mine - from a time where I felt most beautiful and powerful. I’ve been trying for months to find that spark I felt when the photo was first taken with meditation, hypnosis, therapy, journaling... When I saw what Sasha crafted for me - I could IMMEDIATELY feel that spark again. She is absolute professional and such a lovely gift to this universe. I am so grateful to have found her magic and cannot wait to work with her again!  Keep spreading that sparkle!!!"

Let's create magic together!

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You were born to sparkle.  You were born to shine.
XO, Sasha