Every Blogger dreams of her next photoshoot!  Where it will be, when it will be, and what she will be wearing!  Bombshell, you are SO in luck.  I am making things so much easier for you!  I am now offering the perfect set up for our Pittsburgh Bloggers. 

What do you get?

1. Your choice of 1, 6, or 12 glam session collections.

2. In any location within 15 miles of the heart of Pittsburgh.

3. One hour of shooting per glam session.

4. You get all of the high resolution files from each glam session.

5. High resolution images are completely unedited, and ready for you to use your own brand filter.

6. Edit with your own colors to fit your own feed!

Our blogger angels have a message to share with the world! i just make it a heck of a lot easier for them to broadcast!

Every Blogger's dream!

Session Style Guide


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It's Session Day!

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session prep

@Kelclight was my first blogger angel.  Here is what I took, and how she infused her own magic!

Our angels

Before & After

This session with Kelsey was so much fun! I met her at the Pittsburgh Botanical Gardens, and created magic!   Kelsey infused her own magic into our shot.  Look how great these look! Can you spot my shots?!  Kelsey, you nailed this look and I love your own brand preset!!!

Do it for the gram

Magic infused into her feed.

At this photoshoot we photographed 2227 images.  Kelsey got to keep all 2227 images to post whenever she wants... and for life! 

Take 2227 images x 6 photoshoots!

That = 13,362 images!

Holy crap, that's enough images to post one everyday for 36 YEARS! 

Unlimited Amount of Images.

That's what she said!

"I had a session with Sasha and she was amazing to work with!  She had extremely high energy and I never felt awkward taking photos because she gave such good directions.  We worked together to find the perfect location and a cohesive vibe for the overall shoot.  I also loved how she made sure to show me a few pictures throughout the shoot to make sure we were capturing what I wanted.  After the shoot she had an extremely quick turn around, and provided me a TON of pics to choose from.  Being a blogger, it’s extremely important I stick to my personal aesthetic, so it was really helpful that she let me edit the photos myself to fit my blog.  I would definitely recommend scheduling with Sasha for all of your content needs." 
- Kelsey B.

Check Kelsey out on the gram

3 Options!

You decide!

Choose from 1, 6, or 12 glam sessions!  Use these shoots whenever you want!  Maybe you want to shoot once a week, or maybe you want to shoot oce a month!  Whatever fits your blogger needs!  

As soon as payment is complete, you will receive an email shortly after with a calendar link to choose your session dates!

•Sessions are non refundable

It's Your turn!

glam up and get your blog on!

1 glam sesh. $520

6 glam sessions = $1554
total savings of $1566
more than 50% off

12 glam sessions = $2222
only $186 per session
total savings of $4018
65% off



A glamour photoshoot gift
for your 







Ready for killer images?


This is going to be

We'll be in contact very soon!