1:1 Manifestation

This is perfect for you if you’re FINALLY ready…

To receive…

All that you’ve ever wanted in life.
All that you’ve ever wished for in life…
All that you’ve ever hoped for I life.

Girlfriend, I have a secret for you…

This secret that you’re searching for? See… It already lies within you.

Yea… seriously…. Don’t believe me?

Listen…This secret is lying inside of you like a gorgeous and golden key.

I’m just going to help you unlock the door… to your unlimited, incredible and absolutely stunning greatness.


reading a book from a women who was living a great life that I honestly longed for.

In her book, I remember reading what she wrote.

She wrote that the power I was looking for, the answer I was looking for, the happiness I was looking for…already lied within my own heart, within my own soul.

This confused me SO much...because if it was already inside of me, then I should be feeling it???
This was so confusing to me. 

Shouldn’t I then already be living this fabulous life, having an incredible body? Loving my business, being proud my income? Loving myself? Feeling confident?

Why do I feel NOTHING of these things?

After that evening, it’s as if my whole life I’ve had one journey and destination.

I remember sitting in my room years ago...


To my happiness, my abundance, my greatness, my health...and my everything. 


What has served me more than anything is to only see everything that I truly deserve.  I am determined to live a life of my wildest dreams.  

I am a little extra and very determined in my faith for all that is possible. 

I am ridiculously determined to take it to the next level — over and over again. 

My purpose — my driving force — behind every big life goal is always the same.

From landing on a MLM top 10 income earners list with only a cosmetology degree to my name, to creating my second business and earning 6 figures in my first year, with no business education, my motivation is always the same.

I am unapologetically loud and bold in my pursuit of raising my own vibrations, calling in so much greatness, and lifting up every other woman who I meet along the way.

I know that the Universe is on my best side...

and i know that I am being guided and led to greatness with each step I take. I can relax knowing that it's all being taken care of.  I can enjoy these daily gorgeous manifestations play out into my reality. 

I can do this. I can figure it out.
I am being guided.  I can have it all.

So I can teach you to do the same.

I go to my next level,  and reach my next happy so you that you will know you can get to yours.

I’ve learned a lot through my journey. And it’s my job to teach you. I want this kind of happiness and opportunity for everyone.  There is more than enough to go around. I have to share the wealth of knowledge and experience I now have.

I have worked with a handful of women one on one and the results are AMAZING.  To watch these girls be so inspired and pursue their dream is


I've also led masterclass as well as LIVE workshops, and honestly...watching these women walk out of the room with SO much conviction and belief in them selves is


I’ve created the 1:1 Manifestation Mentorship because this is something I wish and prayed that I had that one fateful evening.

I Wish I had someone to pour so much love and grace into my heart.

I wish I had someone who I could bring all of my burning questions to, and receive unapologetic positivity, encouragement, and never ending flow of guidance along my journey.

I knew that If I had a strong woman with the intention of building me up in every way, who was there 24/7, then I would have avoided so many stupid mistakes, heartache, and burnout.

If I had something like this years ago on that one fateful night…I would have been so much more abundant, happy, and “on track” with every goal inside of my heart.

I would have manifested some EPIC shit and I would have felt so much stronger along the journey.

But I didn’t have that…

What I didn’t know was that the Universe was ‘on my best side’…assisting and helping me every step of the way.

Allowing me to be right where I have always wanted to be, in the perfect time, and in the perfect place…to create this mentorship.

I know what it’s like to want something, feel something, or be somewhere SO BAD, but have no clue as to how you are going to receive it.

Rest assure my love… you are in the RIGHT TIME, in the RIGHT PLACE….

As long as you know WHERE you want to go….this ride is going. to. be. SO. EASY..

Are you ready to dream a little harder? Are you ready to. SLAY> IT> UP?!

I’m ready …if you are.

" My first manifestation call with Sasha was simply beautiful. It was obvious that she really cared about me and my vision, so I felt extremely supported and uplifted. Her energy is so enthusiastic and radiates love. Within a few days of our first call, the universe gifted me with several clients to share my healing gifts with, and I am still beyond gracious. She helped me sort through the first very confusing month of my Healing Reiki Practice. Now, I have been able to fine tune my services to others and follow the path I was destined to be on with ease.
Thank you, Sasha, and Thank you, Universe! "
-Savannah D.

• You have three options. 1 session,  6 weeks or 1 full year of YOU and ME!
• You get 24/7 access to me using Facebook voice messenger.
• We have One hour zoom sessions each week - we work on whatever YOU want.
• Personalized affirmations and journaling prompts will be created for you throughout your journey. 
• Homework assignments given weekly - to get you closer to you overall goal and belief in your own magic.
•Weekly checkin- to see your progress and asses where you are at in your journey! 

Here's how the 1:1 manifestation mentorship works:

Is 6 weeks enough?!

You have three gorgeous options! 
1.  Choose a plan that feels right for you.  6 weeks or 1 year.
1. You can pay in full.
3.  You can make monthly payments.


Manifest your most glamorous life today!

Manifest for 1 full year.

choose the option that best fits you.

Great! How do I get started?!

Anything is possible in 6 weeks! I've creating HUGE success within hours.
I launched my podcast in under one week.  It's not about things taking a long time.  It's how quickly you can wrap your energy around the fact that it's already yours! 


*Due to the nature of this service.
All purchases are final. No refunds.

Manifest for 1 full year.

save $112

Manifest for 6 weeks.

Make monthly payments.

Manifest for 6 weeks.

save $2,000.

Make monthly payments.

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